If you would like to put our SSL Seal on your website, simply copy the code below and paste it in the FOOTER section of your website:

<a href=""><img src="" width="125" height="40" title="Sinium Verified SSL" alt="Sinium Verified SSL"></a>


1. We are giving you permission to use the Sinium SSL Seal on your webiste for FREE.
2. You will only use this seal on your website if you in fact have a valid SSL or TLS certificate installed on your website.
3. You do not need to purchase the SSL or TLS certificate from Sinium, But your SSL or TLS certificate needs to have passed our SSL Checker with 4 green check-marks.
4. You agree that you will not change the design of this seal, remove any text or add your own branding to this seal.
5. You agree that while placing our SSL Seal on your website, the seal should be clickable, and the click-through should result in the visitor reaching the Sinium SSL Checker tool to verify the validity of your SSL or TLS certificate.
6. These terms still apply to you whether you use the code on this page, or if you download our SSL Seal from another website or search engine.